Monday, September 26, 2011

Figuring out the New Facebook Timeline Profile

You all know the recent Facebook changes that are taking place, from the smart lists, to the layout, and the new whole Facebook Timeline that is going to be introduced on the 30th of September. While I was reading about the Facebook changes and all the hype over it, I was wondering if I can get to have the new Facebook before it officially launches. I have searched it on Google, and managed to figure out how to get it. The new profile have been launched for Developers to test it. 

After finalizing all the steps, I got the new profile! and .. It looks amazing!!

This is the New Facebook Timeline Profile!

The Black & While photo is the Profile Cover Letter

The New Facebook Timeline allows you to 
  • Navigate through out your life timeline, from the moment you were born till present! You can actually date back and see your family member's birth dates
  • You can actually add your photo on your date of birth
  • You can see your posts according to your location with the new map feature (map overlay of your personal posts from the location you posted them)
  • Here are some screen shots of the changed features:
You can choose favorites from your apps and place them as a thumbnail in the header of your profile!

Place a shortcut to your favorite apps
You can update your:
  • Work and Education Status
  • Family and Relationships Status
  • Living Status
  • Health and Wellness Status
  • Milestones and Experiences Status
Work and Education
Family and Relationship

Health and Wellness
Milestones and Experiences
    Facebook Friends are viewed as thumbnails

    Friends View

    Map! Yes a map that shows the locations of your posts!
    Profile Map

    You can browse through your location posts

    You photos and video are displayed differently. The New Facebook Timeline profile allows you to browse through your albums and the tagged photos from the same place. The beauty of it, is that you see your memories according to the chronological order! A timeline, you can actually watch the evolution of your life in front of you!
    Photo Stream

    The new Facebook offers you an organized profile! Whereby, you can browse through all your activities in reference of the date and time you added them! You can see your "Favorite Likes" which are you interests and pages that you like! And most of all, you get to see who from your friends shares with you the same likes! Who likes the same pages that you like! its amazing!
    Favorite Interests

    The Pages that you like!

    You can view the comments and likes totally differently than before! there's a Star (Feature on Timeline) button next to your posts that when you click it, the whole post expands and you get to comment, and read other comments. The other Edit button actually allows you to change the date of the post or just hide it from your timeline!
    This is how the post shows before clicking on the star on the upper right corner

    This is how the post shows after clicking on the star on the upper right corner
    Edit Options

    Change the Date of your post

     The Personal Activity Log that only you can see! 
    View your timeline of activities

    There's a lot to discover in the new Facebook Timeline profile! Personally I believe that Facebook is doing a great job. The way they are enhancing the Facebook experience is just amazing! Facebook is becoming the log of our lives, all the dates, all the events, all the discussions, interests, comments, etc.. are being documented for us! 

    Hope you enjoyed the post :)

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      1. a great review! now we know what to expect ahead of time...keep up the good work:)