Top Blogs

Top Blogs in the Middle East

  1. The Angry Arab: The Angry Arab shares news and information on politics, war, the Middle East, and more.
  2. War is Boring: War is Boring offers illustrations and more about the Middle East and beyond.
  3. The Elder of Ziyon: EoZ shares problems and challenges for the Middle East.
  4. Gaza Mom: Gaza Mom's blog is all about Palestine, politics, and even motherhood.
  5. Al Jazeera Middle East Blog: Al Jazeera shares news about the Middle East on this blog.
  6. Middle East Progress: Follow the progress in the Middle East on this blog.
  7. The Elders: These leaders, brought together by Nelson Mandela, share their influence and experience in the Middle East.
  8. Middle East Diary: Shashank Bengali is a correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers on assignment in Baghdad and Cairo.
  9. The Middle East Blog: The Middle East Blog shares life in the hottest and holiest region in the world.
  10. Informed Comment: Informed Comment has thoughts on the Middle East, history, and religion.
  11. Musings on Iraq: Musings on Iraq has Iraq news, politics, economics, and society.
  12. Free Middle East Blog: Get updates on freedom in the Middle East on FME.
  13. Baheyya: Baheyya shares Egypt analysis and whimsy.
  14. Iraq Today: Iraq Today has war news and more.
  15. Middle East Post: Middle East Post discusses and analyzes Middle East political issues.
  16. Talisman Gate: Talisman Gate offers unconventional thinking about the Middle East from Nibras Kazimi.
  17. Middle East: The Middle East blog from Foreign Policy shares news and more from the Middle East.
  18. Jihadica: Jihadica works to document the global Jihad.
  19. Iraqi American Mojo: The Iraqi American Mojo writes about peace and justice in the world.
  20. Marc Lynch: This associate professor of political science and international affairs covers foreign policy in the Middle East.
  21. The Sudanese Optimist: The Sudanese Optimist discusses Sudan with sarcasm, irony, and controversy.
  22. The Moor Next Door: The Moor Next Door writes on Maghreb affairs, geopolitics, and international relations.
  23. The AfPak Channel: Foreign Policy's channel discusses the war for South Asia.
  24. The Sudanese Thinker: Drima Abu Hamdan updates on Sudan and more.
  25. Mideast Youth: Mideast Youth shares forward thinking for the Middle East.
  26. Inside Iraq: This blog is updated by Iraqi journalists in Baghdad and outlying provinces.
  27. Middle East Institute: The Middle East Institute blog puts Middle Eastern events in cultural and historical context.
  28. Inside the Middle East: CNN's journalists share news and more from the Middle East on this blog.
  29. At War: At War offers notes from the front lines of the US at war.
  30. The Arabist: The Arabist offers insight on Arab politics and culture.
  31. Afghanistan Conflict Monitor: The Afghanistan Conflict Monitor reports on happenings in Afghanistan and beyond.
  32. Israellycool: Israellycool has news from Israel and the Middle East.
  33. Michael Totten: Michael Totten reports on foreign policy, the Middle East, Balkans, and the Caucasus.
  34. Afghanistan Crossroads: Find news from the ground in Afghanistan on Afghanistan Crossroads.
  35. Promised Land: Promised Land has news and opinion from Israel.
  36. All Things Pakistan: Stay on top of all things Pakistan on this blog.
  37. Registan: Registan covers all Central Asian news.
  38. Carpetblogger: Carpetblogger shares commentary from Constantinople.
  39. Sandbox: Martin Kramer's blog discusses policy in the Middle East.
  40. Desertpeace: Keep up with news and opinion from the desert on Desertpeace.